Alfred G. Villeneuve was born in Barry's Bay, Ontario near Algonquin Park. Alfred's introspective reflections on his Algonkin, French and Polish bloodlines and his autodidactic approach to the study of Art History has given him the freedom to explore, to find his own voice and eventually discovering his own explicitily unique painterly language he has named , "Algonkin Mosaic". This core expression is a result of the divination between his father's Algonkian-French cultures and traditions, and his mother's hardworking Polish-Kashub heritage in which Catholicism was central in teaching and disciplines.

Alfred first visited Algonquin Park as a small child in the 1960's with his parents and sisters taking in the natural wonders of Algonquin Park. Later as a teenager, Alfred took part in a canoe trip with fellow students and several teachers from MVDHS which followed a three hundred and twenty kilometer circumnavigation of Algonquin Park. In the 1970's-80's Alfred worked at the East Gate location in Algonquin as Park staff, giving advice to prospective canoeists and issuing permits. Since, Alfred has travelled and painted from the most northern parts of Algonquin to the South, covering literally thousands of kilometers. He continues to ply her silent waterways in solitary communion or in the company of kindred spirits.

Alfred's work is widely collected, most notably as part of the permanent collection at the McMaster Museum of Fine Art, at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. A major studio work from his 'thirty days in july' series (July Sunset-Tea Lake) was shortlisted for the RBC-Candian Art, National Painting Competition in 2007. He also has been awarded several production grants from the Ontario Arts Council and was selected to show in a group exhibition in 2008 at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. (First Nations & Inuit Spirits-From Traditional to Abstract, a new look at Native and Inuit Art)

Artists' Statement: "Saturated Motion in Colour gives life,.. animated for all time."

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